data centre - the bunker

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why linux?
Our servers are Linux based and this is no way excludes any customers that are using a windows based OS on their home/office set-up. We opted to use Linux as our platform due to reliability and stability. Our system is entirely compatible with both windows & mac OS.
Some hosting companies offer both windows and linux systems often at the same price, there are no real operational differences or experience to the end user (that's you) Although Linux is generally preferred by the industry.
WHITEGLOVE HOSTING are committed to the very best in data security and protection giving you peace of mind regarding your website with us.
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Our facilities offer protected power and fire supression systems ensuring your data remains safe from fire damage.
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On site manned security. Nobody gets in, your data doesn't get out...
Our partner company has web servers located at state of the art data centre facilities in Newbury and Sandwich. An ex-USAF base featuring 3 metre thick reinforced concrete walls, Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection and 24 hour on site manned security. The facilities also offer multiple carrier network connectivity and benefit from multiple layers of redundancy at all levels of the network infrastructure. This includes diesel backup generators with continuous refuelling contracts.
About Us
Founded by Will Keates, whiteglove web services offer domain registration, website hosting and design all in one lovely place, Canterbury, Kent.
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