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Sometimes you have a quick question that requires a quick and concise answer. Below are answers to some of the most popular questions that we are regularly asked. Don't worry if your question isn't below, we even have an answer for that!

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geek glossary

disk space
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This is the amount of hard drive space on the server available to store your website. 1GB is the equivalent to 1000MB. The average small-medium business website would normally only take 15MB so you get plenty of space to grow for the future. Because we specialise in individuals and smaller businesses 5GB (our minimum package) is more then enough even if you want to add pages at a later date.
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This is the amount of space afforded your website to transfer it's data back and forth. Every time someone visits your pages, makes a download, views a video it uses bandwidth. This resource has to be judged on type of site, emails to your domain, page views and amount of visitors to your site. ATOM gives you 5GB/monthly which is equivalent to 5000MB. The average monthly bandwidth for a small-medium business is 300MB per month. Beware hosting companies that use the term "unlimited" where these specs are concerned. There is always a cap for fair usage and the majority of sites simply don't require it. Why pay more for something that you'll most likely never use?
artwork & design
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This includes all the artwork and images we create and design for your website. This is in addition to any images you may supply for your site. We'll need to create custom artwork for your brand. But please note this does not include creation of logos for your brand. We include graphics designed using royalty free artwork. If you want a customised logo for your brand you'll require graphic design. This is an additional service. Contact us for a quotation.
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Responsive design refers to a website that is able to detect the browser width the user is viewing with. With the rise of smart devices such as phones and tablets, the available width of the screen differs greatly. A responsive website detects this width and automatically adjusts the sites content and layout to fit. A non-responsive site will remain at the fixed width, meaning that the user may need to scroll across the view the sites content.
contact form
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A contact form can contain as many data fields you want, such as name,reason for enquiry, job title, contact details, etc. After completing the form a simple click of the send button emails the enquiry directly to you.
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Search Engine Optimisation. A dark magic to which you can be persuaded to spend £thousands. A bottomless pit in the endless quest to become top of the search engine rankings. We build SEO technology into your webpages as standard which over time will help google, bing, yahoo and all the others find you. Basic SEO will include trigger words related to your business. The sitemap.xml is a special file we add to index your entire website specifically for the search engines to read.
google analytics
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Google designed a piece of code that when correctly implemented into webpages gives a wealth of information about visitors to your site. Detailed information regarding visitors location, pages viewed, which browser used and much, much more. We implement this code into your web pages. To view you simply log into your google account.
social media
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A blog is an online diary of events, news, and topics that you publish to the world. We add an area to your site that will automatically import any information you publish in your blog. Therefore keep your site updated all by yourself. If you have Twitter and Facebook we'll import that too on your site, all updated live by you.
web hosting
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Web hosting is the service given to a client who needs their site to be available on the web. Your site is stored securely on a physical hard drive called a server. It is from here that the website is displayed to visitors around the world. Check out the full features of our very own web hosting packages.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is a domain name?
A domain name is the unique address on the internet of your website. This is what visitors to your site will type into their web browsers to get directly to your website. The domain name for this site is As a rough guide the cost of registering a domain name is around £7 for a name and about £10 for .com name per year. We'll contact you when it's time for renewal so that you don't risk losing it.
What is hosting?
Once you have a website and a respective domain name you will then need to make it accessible to the internet. This can be achieved by housing your site on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet (a server). Using a hosting service lets many users share the cost of a fast Internet connection for serving websites on a machine that has been optimised solely for the purpose and is in a secure location. The prices of hosting vary tremendously as does the services provided, we offer quality hosting starting at £29.99 per year.
Whose website is it anyway?
Yours! You own the domain name and the website that resides at that address. Even though you have registered the domain through a hosting company they don't own it. It's yours to move around (think of it like your own mobile phone number) You can shop around for the best deals and services and move your domain and website to any hosting company. Less scrupulous companies may try to make this procedure incredibly complicated and therefore intimidating to the user, effectively discouraging you to move. We offer FREE migration to our service and will help you move to another hosting company if you want. But why would you…?! ;)
How long does it take to design my website?
It really depends on the size and type of site you want and of course just how much custom artwork is required and how many changes and revisions you ask for. But as a rough guide most sites take between 4-6 weeks.
What should I put on my website?
This is entirely up to you! We will however in our discussions help you to decide what the site is actually going to do for your business. A website is your virtual, interactive business card/advertisement, use it for the greater good!
Where is my website actually located?
Your website and data are stored securely in our partner companies data centre. It is an ex USAF bunker surrounded by 3 meter thick steel reinforced walls [no really!] and 24 hour manned security. For more information look here.
Where is whiteglove web services located?
whiteglove is based in Canterbury, Kent. We offer good deals for local people...
Who built and designed your website?
You're kidding, right?!
Can I update my website myself?
For updating your website we are able to create pages that will allow you to update a blog page which can be used for images, video. For more editable content you can have areas and pages of your site that are created using CMS (control management system). This system will allow you to login to our CMS panel and be able to update any areas of your website that you want. For more details on our CMS program, please visit
Can I buy my domain name through you?
Yes you can register or transfer an existing domain through us. We'll contact you 6 weeks before it's due to expire so you can renew. We'll never let you lose it, unless you want to give it up that is...
My question isn't here!
Don't worry, contact us direct with any questions you have. Contact details at the bottom of this page. Alternatively visit where you'll find our extensive knowledge base covering hundreds of topics.
About Us
Founded by Will Keates, whiteglove web services offer domain registration, website hosting and design all in one lovely place, Canterbury, Kent.
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