responsive design

Responsive adaptability is the new innovation in website design. With more and more users viewing websites on a multitude of devices (such as smartphones, tablets and laptops all of varying screen sizes) pages need to adapt.
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A responsive site auto-detects on which device the user is viewing and changes the layout to best utilise the browsers width. This can dramatically alter the menu, images and textual layout. Try our own site on a smartphone or tablet and see the difference compared to that of your laptop or computer screen.
Creating a responsive site takes a lot more work with implementation and testing but WHITEGLOVE are able to offer this exciting technology on all our website packages. Please note a decision must be made at the start of the project. We cannot retro-fit an existing fixed width site with responsive elements without additional charges.
About Us
Founded by Will Keates, whiteglove web services offer domain registration, website hosting and design all in one lovely place, Canterbury, Kent.
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